Our Practice Areas

Serving the Legal Needs of Home & Business Owners

At Philip A. Dales III, PC, we are a general law practice that specializes in personal injury, estate planning, and family law. No problem is too big or too small! We always work strategically to devise a plan for negotiating your particular claim or case.

We provide legal representation for the following areas:

  • Personal injury When you have been injured and need representation, we are ready to provide you with thorough and compassionate services to help you move forward. We work with clients in various areas, including automobile accidents, wrongful death, on-the-job accidents, and slip and falls.
  • Family law If you are searching for a lawyer to assist you in a divorce, mediation, separation, custody, or spousal and child support case, we can help. For over 40 years, we have gained valuable knowledge and understanding of how to effectively navigate difficult cases such as these. You can meet with Mr. Dales for information, advice, and a solid plan that will work with your benefit in mind!
  • Estate planning Forming wills, estates, estate administration and probate, elder law, and trusts require the help of an experienced and skillful lawyer. We understand that your estate is precious and believe that only you should have the say in who it belongs to when you are not around anymore. Our services are designed to work for the rights of your loved ones to get what they deserve.
  • Mediation If you are looking for an effective way to resolving an issue you’re having with someone without resorting to a lawsuit, mediation might be an appropriate course of action for you. We are completely dedicated to finding you full and fair compensation.
  • Real estate Mr. Dales is able to help you resolve a variety of legal real estate issues. These issues can include liens, zoning, foreclosures, boundary disputes, and many other issues.

We are committed to providing you with personalized business and we always treat you with the utmost respect. Come to us for help and we will design a plan that will incorporate the best course of action for you and those you care about. For an established Annapolis attorney, call our office today at (410) 263-0200.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Over 40 Years Of Experience
  • Free Consultations Available
  • Devoted To Full And Fair Compensation
  • Small Firm With Large Network Connections